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Daily Shampoo

For normal to oily hair and scalp
Using cleansing agents derived from natural resources, our Daily Shampoo helps to break down excess oil in hair allowing it to be gently rinsed away. Rosemary and Thyme Extracts provide a refreshing and invigorating action for the scalp, and wheat protein promotes strength.

Moisturizing Shave Cream

Herbal formula for normal to coarse beard types. Conditioning formula with powerful antioxidants ensures razor glide without drying skin. Soothing aloe and healing avocado oil provide maximum protection for dry or sensitive skin. Moisturizing Shave Cream is also recommended for skin that requires extra hydration and those that want to see exactly where they've shaved.
Precision Shave Gel

Non-foaming formula for normal to fine beard types. Clear gel provides ultimate razor glide for a clean, close shave. Pumpkin seed extract and tea tree oil work to soothe skin and defend against flare-ups. Use for neck clean-ups or on face, sideburns, or head. Precision Shave Gel is also an excellent choice for detail work and neck clean-ups in the salon.
Lubricating Shave Oil

Concentrated irritation prevention. Non-greasy solution cushions skin for a close, effortless shave. Eucalyptus and clove are just some of the beneficial oils that counter nicks, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs. May be used as a prep under shave cream or gel. Excellent for detail work on sideburns, goatees, etc. and necessary for those prone to skin irritation when shaving.
Post-Shave Cooling Lotion

Moisturizing shave relief
Dual action formula works as a lightweight moisturizer and calming aftershave. Active minerals help restore skin balance and inhibit inflammation. Cooling agents such as tea tree and menthol leave skin cool and refreshed. Protective antioxidants also work to provide a barrier for skin against environmental aggressors such as pollution, harsh winds, etc.
Tea Tree Balancing Shampoo

Soothing cleanser for hair and scalp
Achieves optimal balance of moisture and cleansing for hair and scalp. Ingredients like echinacea, a natural antiseptic and healer, combined with nettle to nourish and strengthen hair. Tea Tree Balancing Shampoo can also be used to treat mild cases of dry scalp or seborrheic dermatitis.
Tea Tree Calming Conditioner

Lightweight moisturizer for hair and scalp. Tea tree oil, wheat gluten and soy protein team up to treat the scalp and condition hair without adding weight.
Tea Tree Light Hold Styling Cream

Adds subtle separation with a flexible hold. Light Hold Styling Cream is also an excellent starter product for those wanting a conditioning styler that is lighweight and easy to use. Great for light control and taming of hair.
Tea Tree Firm Hold Styling Cream

Adds texture to hair with lasting hold and a low shine. Tea Tree and natural extracts work to lightly condition hair without weighing it down. T his is an excellent product for use in longer hair.
Tea Tree Purifying B ody Wash

Deep cleanser with energizing fragrance
Packed with a blend of herbs and natural oils, Purifying Body Wash thoroughly cleans and restores skin's natural moisture balance. Antioxidant rich vitamins A, D & E along with Tea Tree Oil work to replenish optimal skin condition.
Citrus Mint Refreshing Shampoo

Gentle hair cleanser
Natural oil blend works to cleanse hair without stripping it of essential oils. Spearmint and peppermint team up to stimulate the scalp. Color safe.
Citrus Mint Cooling Conditioner

Formulated with natural citrus oils, Cooling Conditioner lightly conditions hair and scalp. Rosemary extract tones and moisturizes.
Citrus Mint High Hold Styling Gel

For high hold and placement Alcohol-free gel has a fresh scent and washes clean from hair. Provides ultimate, long lasting hold with shine. Provitamin B5 promotes healthy hair.
Citrus Mint Moisturizing Body Wash

Gentle Cleanser with Refreshing Fragrance Rinses away dirt and oil with a natural citrus scent. Glycerin and Vitamin E keep skin hydrated and conditioned, making this body wash an excellent choice for winter weather and dry climates.
Daily Moisturizing Shampoo

For normal to dry hair and scalp
Daily Moisturizing Shampoo is formulated with a blend of natural extracts to moisturize and condition the hair, without weighing it down.
Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Dry scalp treatment
Effectively promotes healthy looking hair and scalp. The active ingredient, Zinc Pyrithione, helps prevent the itching and flaking associated with dandruff. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is also an ideal treatment shampoo for use during winter months, in dry climates, or 1-2 times a week for healthy scalp maintenance.
Classic Gray Shampoo

Optimal maintenance for graying hair
This shampoo contains balancing properties to remove brassy yellow tones from gray or graying hair. It also works to prevent brassiness in hair that has been bleached or dyed blonde. Hydrolyzed Milk Protein provides ultimate conditioning to combat dryness that's often prevalent in graying hair and maintain moisture.
Thickening Shampoo

To achieve thicker, fuller hair
Adds maximum body and fullness to hair, while providing gentle yet effective cleansing. Glycerin helps retain water and swell the hair strand while Tea Tree and Coconut Oils promote softness and sheen.
Stimulating Conditioner

For soft, manageable hair
Stimulating Conditioner detangles and moisturizes hair without weighing it down. Vitamin B5 leaves hair feeling soft to the touch, while rosemary and menthol tone and invigorate the scalp. Stimulating Conditioner is a reviving product ideal for a back bar experience.
Light Hold Styling Gel

Non-flaking formula
Light Hold Styling Gel builds thickness and shine while providing light control. Our alcohol-free, flake-free formula will not dry the scalp and contains thermal barriers that protect the hair from environmental stress and blow drying or heat treatments. This is one gel that works to condition scalp with ginseng and sage extract.
Firm Hold Styling Gel

Non-flaking formula
Firm Hold Styling Gel, the ultimate in holding power, is enriched with natural extracts like Vitamin B5 to help hair look thicker with added shine. This alcohol-free gel is superior in hold and shine and has a low pH to prevent drying of the scalp.
Medium Hold Spray Gel

Easy styling control
Enriched with Sage, Ginseng, and Quillaja, Medium Hold Spray Gel provides a natural look and feel with medium hold. This product is alcohol free and contains a sunscreen that helps protect the hair from UV damage. Excellent for blow drying and hair of all lengths, this product can be used on damp or dry hair.
Light Hold Texture Lotion

Subtle control with low shine
Provides light control for fine or thin hair of all lengths, resulting in a natural look with slight definition. Light Hold Texture Lotion is formulated with natural extracts like ginseng to make hair look thicker and increase manageability. This is an excellent choice for those who want light control in their hair without using a lot of styling product. Perfect for creating a healthy, natural, barely styled look with minimal effort.
Grooming Cream

High hold with high shine
Use to create a straight, sleek look or to soften naturally curly or wavy hair with conditioning elements such as aloe vera. Repels moisture to keep styles intact and provides excellent hold and shine.

Medium hold with high shine Works well for curly hair and provides a modern, flexible alternative to styling gels. Use it to create classic, slicked back looks or for control in any hair type.
Defining Paste

Medium hold with low shine
For added texture or increased definition. Beeswax provides a natural, pliable hold for various lengths. Wax-like consistency provides a matte finish while still remaining easy to distribute through hair. Defining Paste is similar to Fiber in texture and effects but is easier to use and distribute through hair. It can also be used in hair that's beyond 2" in length.
Forming Cream

Medium hold with medium shine
Easy to use styling cream works well for all hair types. Forming Cream provides hold, excellent pliability,

High hold with low shine
Fiber-like, resinous product helps thicken, texturize and increase fullness to hair. Provides a strong, pliable hold with a matte finish. Works well in shorter hair, 1-3 inches in length.
Molding Clay

High hold with medium shine
Concentrated styling power lets you manipulate hair into any style. Made with natural extracts and beeswax, this unique compound maintains touchable shape and texture. Works well for short styles and those who seek a styling product with a more natural, subtle fragrance. Molding Clay is also a product of choice for those who frequently engage in sports and tend to perspire heavily.
Classic Fragrance

Our signature men’s fragrance
American Crew’s unique fragrance for men contains spice and citrus notes to create a subtle, clean masculine scent. This fragrance is the essence of American Crew products and is a favorite among women for their partners.
Classic Body Wash

Premium cleanser with classic fragrance
A refreshing shower gel to gently cleanse and nourish skin. Glycerin and aloe work with vitamins A & E to moisturize and improve the skin’s texture, all with an added hint of American Crew Classic Fragrance.
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