Cut & Style 30 Min R180.00
Cut & Style Student 30 Min R160.00
Cut & Style Kids (under 12) 30 Min R140.00
Crew Clipper Cut 15 - 30 Min R115.00
Clean Up Neck Hair Line 10 Min R60.00
Beard Trim 20 Min R60.00
Beard Clean up with Cutthroat R130.00
Highlights Short R350.00
Highlights Medium R400.00
Highlights Long R400.00
Highlights Tips R330.00
Tint-Short R380.00
Tint-Medium R400.00
Tint-Long R520.00
Pensioners discount 30 Min R130.00
Traditional Shave R175.00
Head Shave R180.00
Threading - Any facial area each R80.00
Cut Only R190.00
Cut and Blow Wave - Short R170.00
Cut and Blow Wave - Medium R260.00
Cut and Blow Wave - Long R345.00
Blow Wave - Short R110.00
Blow Wave - Medium R150.00
Blow Wave-Long R185.00
Threading R60.00
Tint - Short R300.00
Tint - Medium R400.00
Tint - Long R600.00 - R700.00
Highlights - Short R300.00
Highlights - Medium R600.00
Highlights - Long R800.00
Per Foil R15.00 - R30.00
Treatments R250.00 - R350.00
Flat Iron Styling R170.00
Chemical Straightner - Short R300.00
Chemical Straightner - Medium R400.00
Chemical Straightner - Long R600.00 - R700.00
Upstyling R220.00
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